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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy New Yea....opps...wrong day...Happy Mothers Day

and Happy Day to all you Grandmothers too!
of course this Gup, as dear Lily started calling me one day, thinks that a big big big glass of something alcoholic would be just the long as it comes without a hangover!
I did have an early gift this week. Megan is going to the only school in the district that will have all day Kindergarten next year!! Yipee!
No one who has met Megan can believe she is only in pre-school. I tell you folks, we are making the babies smarter with every generation!
Now for the pictures....not of the kids, silly, of fabric!
I really wanted to add an RV or 3 to my Mosaic Blocks quilt, so I got a piece of this print with a blue background.
I fell for this print, big time. I am going to try to make myself a dress using this and what ever else I can find to go with it, hopefully from my stash.
I should take a picture of the whole yard for you to get a better feel for how bizarre and of course, perfect it will be for a wearable garment.
This is another piece from the collection...I didn't get this one, but it is tempting....

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