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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bright Quilt!

I didn't make this, though it's a color I enjoy working with! And it has an open house plan, or a dollhouse-like view. My guess is it's all hand done.
I found this picture on **Luana Rubin's flickr page from the Tokyo Quilt Festival in Feb. 2010. The quilt is made by Yoko Sekita. I don't know if you can enlarge the picture from here, but I know you can from the link. It's worth enlarging!!! And here are more pictures of this and other quilts at the show taken by another people. [I Googled the show and clicked on this blogs link and followed her links to her flickr page....]
**Luana is the owner of eQuilter. com one of the better quilt fabric websites. Prices may be a bit steep, but the descriptions, and photos, of the fabrics are wonderful!


  1. Wow, that's incredible - and belated happy birthday to your granddaughter!

  2. That is fabulous. Intricate. Amazing.

    It's always so interesting, seeing the different types of work people do.