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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Traveler Quilt Progress

This is the couching I did yesterday while indulging in my Olympic Spirit. I used a nice bright Sunny Yellow pearl cotton for the couching thread.
I didn't use a flash on these. The colors are truer, here on my PC this way, but the pix are a bit dark.
And this is the backing, ready to be sandwiched.
This was a shirt, size small according to the label. It was one of Mom's fave's, except for the ironing-after-every-wash. So I cut the shirt along seam lines and re-sewed it back together into a square-ish shape. I used the front, back, and a sleeve. If you enlarge the picture, you might see the buttons [cool wooden ones I will probably add to the front] and the lines of the shirt hem that I followed. I need to sew the top to the backing along at least the 2 sides where the raw-edged-silk is unraveling.....

My niece went to places on this planet that possibly had designs like this used in every day garments. She went to Europe, Egypt, Africa-South for sure I know, Australia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Cuba {she is Canadian, so she can go there}, and I am not sure where else, and she wasn't even in the military!


  1. I love that print. It is a good thing it will be living a new life as a quilt backing.

  2. I love the color of the border and the backing is great! How nice to be able to use your mom's shirt.

  3. I like what you're doing here. A nice combination of art and "waste not, want not".