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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Fence Me In and The Traveler Quilt

Dan has begun the railing of the front deck. We decided to use the extra chain link we already had {Go Green!} He has encased 3 sides of it between a 2 x 4 that he cut in 1/2 lengthwise. The top rail is the composite 'lumber'. We have also been discussing the construction of the 2 gates we need. There is a lot of different hardware out there to choose from!
Introducing my next project, Traveler Quilt.
My niece is a traveler, so this world is for her! The color choice just jumped out to me, and felt right, so here's hoping. I am trying to include bits from other quilts/places, that are tied to my niece. She got the silk you see on the outside border. She is the one who had the fun part in the shop in India...she lay on a mattress on the main floor of the shop and the proprietor went around finding bits and scraps and raining them down on my niece! {i am guessing that he had a loft area in which to toss the bits from}
The batik I used for the 'planet' part of one block has color in it that is perfect with the aqua silk, but I need to pull it down to other areas of the top, so I tore strips and have tied them together...not sure if the tied parts will stay that way, but they look cool in person. Anyway, I will couch it down and around and up and over.....kinda like a kite tail flying here and there.
this last picture is a 'map' of some of the things I did.
The squares as a square wasn't working, so I took apart 2 blocks and cut a few corners.....and that gold-ish stripe fabric may be an oddball here, but I used it in a quilt for my brother, father of this niece. The backing will be a shirt of my mom's, grandmother to this niece. More on that later....the shirt for a backing that is. Oh...and the party hat looking corners was a fluke, but perfect for my niece...


  1. These fabrics look great together! Oh, to be rained on by fabric. I still think about what fun that must have been.

  2. That's going to be a really nice quilt!

  3. That is a very nice railing. I've never seen chain-link used in this way. Clever.
    Your niece's quilt is very interesting. I am sure she will love it because it is made just for her with favorite things.