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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Story Of The Crows

Christine's comment on the Moon For Crows post is; "What in the world are you doing??"

I am still laughing.......thank you Christine! She's right though, what the heck is this thing???

Story of the Crows

This quilt came about recently when I read of a contest on/at Lark Books. They wanted at least 3 of 5 things on the quilt.
3-silver things
4-re-purposed things

this brought on an ah-ha moment for me.

When the kids were younger, after moving here to WA state, we noticed flocks of crows flying west at sunset. So we joked about them flying home for the night after spending the day at the beach.
This went on for years, until only Stephanie remained at home and we had moved away from the 'flight path'.
A few days after Steph became College Girl, she called me and told me she knew where the crows were spending their nights.
In the trees outside her dorm .
[even though UW is east of us]

So in the ah-ha moment, all that zipped through my head in less than an instant and I knew I had to make a small quilt depicting this story.

1= {birds} Crows
2= {mountains} Mt. Rainier and the Cascades
3={silver things} alum. soda can bottom and threads
4={re-purposed items} alum. soda can bottom and organza gift wrapping
5= {beads} none, but then I am not done with it yet....


  1. A nice story. So, will be piece be of the crows in the trees in the moonlight?

  2. Vicky, do you follow this blog? Spirit Cloth I think you and she work very similarly. You're both fascinating to watch.