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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not Freaking Out...To Much

Ok, I have stopped freaking out, mostly. Dorothy, I thought of you after the second call from the Breast Center [just think, a whole building for boobs!] because you were the only one I knew for sure {at the moment} who had been through something like this. Thank you, and all you others for boosting my moral, and Warty Mammal, you made me laugh!

She said, "I've had a surgical biopsy. Why I mention that, I'm not sure. Maybe it's a companionable thing like sharing potato salad recipes." We all do this don't we, share stories? I feel much better now.....*big ass grin on my face* The hefty shot of Southern Comfort last night might have helped too, considering I don't drink. {Vicki W. suggested wine}

It has motivated me to get some things done, put away, or just plain tossed away! Seriously, will I ever get this or that WIP done? Do I want to finish it?

I did come up with a complete name for a quilt sitting in a bucket, wayyyyyy at the bottom.

"When I am Purple, My Boobs Won't Sag" . I could never get past the purple part of the title. I will drag that quilt top out later and take pix for your viewing hilarious-ity....i think needs to be read phonetically, hill-air-oss-ity emphasis on the oss.


  1. Here's to sag-free boobage (I wish!) and hell, here's to Southern Comfort as well.

    Use your re-directed nervous energy to make something wonderful out of that bottom of the bucket find. I have no doubt you can do it.

  2. Such scares these are. I have had several. SOooooo how are you doing? I hope well. Yes, so drink a glass of wine and stitch.

  3. Just do what you want to do, keep doing your wonderful stitching, and keep your chin up. You have lots of supportive people wishing you well, in the "real" world and the digital one too.

    You were very brave to have the Southern Comfort, as a non drinker -one glass of wine and I'm falling over.

  4. Stitch, my friend, stitch...and listen to the needle an thread and fabric...try just picking up something you love and are well, I know it. And I'm not talking about your boob... xo Susan

  5. It's hard waiting for results. Stitching does help. Sending you best wishes.

  6. Southern Comfort, Wine, Xanax...whatever works!