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Friday, February 26, 2010

damn damn damn

So late yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the Carol Milgard Breast Center in Tacoma. The radiologist didn't like something he saw on the x-ray and wants more and an ultrasound on my right boob. I just had the mammo done on Wed, and he read it on Thur. and had the lady call me that same day.....does that mean the first mammo was flagged, that the lady saw something, that I need to freak out???? To late, I did. Now I need to joke about it.

In the meantime, while gazing at my fabric collection last night, I decided to purge it. I also want to make a quilt for myself, so I think now is a perfect time. I saw a Tile Quilt Revival book, on a blog as I surfed yesterday, and got to thinking about all the novelty fabrics I have.....anyway, I am going to get rid of fabrics I will never use while I search for fabrics I DO want to use for this quilt. I also need to finish up a few WIPS I have on the table.


  1. I can understand your worry, but don't borrow trouble yet. It could be an unclear image that a new look will clarify.
    My positive thoughts are heading your way.

  2. Vicky, they just need a better look. Don't waste all your energy fraking out until you actually have something to freak out about. 'kay? *spoken with the voice of experience. right?

  3. This has happened to me TWICE. One I got a needle biopsy and 12 years later I had a needle and surgical biopsy. Both times it turned out to be nothing but I freaked out anyway. You are allowed to freak out if you want to! Wine helps.

  4. I totally understand freaking out a bit. Fear of the unknown and all of that. I'd feel the same way. Bless them for being proactive, though.

    I've had a surgical biopsy. Why I mention that, I'm not sure. Maybe it's a companionable thing like sharing potato salad recipes.

  5. I understand your concern, these things always sound so scary. They are on the ball though which is great. I am sending lots of positive thoughts across the Atlantic to you.

  6. Seems like this has to happen to each of us at least once. I understand the impulse to freak but it's most often calcium deposits, harmless little buggers. The waiting is tough. Keep us posted. Your jugs are in my prayers. :) Alexis