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Monday, February 01, 2010

Darn It, I Missed It....

GroundFrog Day starring Snohomish Slew
 Groundhog Day  Forget <span class=

it was over the weekend! He even has his own website!

A past comment about my Wall of Weird....I have been forgetting to say that I didn't make up that reference to unusual things. I borrowed it from Smallville, the tv show about Superman.
Chloe27s_Wall_of_Weird.<span class=

To document all of the strange occurrences that seemingly issue from the town of Smallville since the meteor shower years earlier, Chloe began to collect assorted story in her scrapbook.

The collection increased in size and eventually Chloe created a "Wall of Weird" filled with stories that she pastes on the wall of her darkroom and then later in the news office of the school paper The Torch.

The wall contains such news clippings as a Time magazine cover featuring 3-year old Lana Lang after she witnessed her parents' death; and a Premiere magazine photograph of former Smallville High alumnus "Scarecrow" Jeremy Creek at a crime scene, who seemingly had not aged a day.

I figured Chloe had the right idea!

Another comment note.
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No the plant isn't a hoya, darn it. I once had one, the flowers were amazing! But the vine itself is like the hoya, so please keep searching your memory banks, we may figure this one out some day!
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