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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Color In Winter

I live in the Northwest. We have green all year long. Sometimes we need a little red tossed in.

We have no idea what this plant is called, but it loves this southern window next to my computer....I love the window too, but I don't turn red...bright pink maybe, but not red.
Jules mentioned needing a bit of color in these rather gray days. She lives in England, so we share temperature zones.


  1. What a beautiful plant. It looks like a combination of fuschia and an orchid.

  2. The foliage look like a hoya, but the blossom doesn't look like it AT ALL...could it be a hoya variety? I love it!

  3. Now that certainly is colourful! What a gorgeous plant. Thanks for that Vicky!

  4. I think this plant is called a lipstick plant (at least this is what my nana called it).


  5. Brandi I wondered about the lipstick plant, the website I tried to search, had that as a suggestion. I will look into it more, thank you.