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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did you reach out and touch...

Haiti? I sure am happy to see how generous we can be!
Our daughter works at a little corner grocery store in our area, along with a fellow employee who knows someone working at an orphanage in Haiti, so donations collected at the store are going directly to the orphanage. It's not much, but it will put cash into the hands of those who will know what is needed. {my daughter also knew, and had worked with, another young woman who didn't survive the quake in the orphanage [building] she was working in.}

Needle work? Yes I have been working on the "Crows" piece. I will take a picture later...see, that didn't take long....

Megan was here last night, with daddy and sister, and started playing with the log cabin. She said she was making a design and got very upset when Lily crashed the party. Lily was just doing what little sisters do. I can't believe all the 'people' Megan found around here!
Crows. this is the one I needed to 'negative the positive' space.
Luckily I hadn't quilted the whole thing before adding the 'dirt' for the crows to stand on. I am using yarn, like I did for the crows in the tree and it didn't like going through the layers.
The Mountain. In our case, Rainier.
For the lower part of the mountains, I broke with tradition, and kept my stitching up/down, vs. my normal way of following the lines in the fabric pattern. [did that in the sky part] But....stitching that way makes the fabric go sideways....wonder if stitching sideways would have made the fabric go up/down??? {yes I know words like horizontal and vertical, but my brain doesn't compute them as well, maybe a dyslexic thing, maybe just laziness, but it's my blog so I will cry my way}


  1. I am absolutely in love with your crow piece!!! It is fabulous! The contrasts in colors and design is perfection. I would love to see this finished, but for me it seems perfect right now at this stage.

    Looks like all the people in the log cabin are getting ready for a barn raising.

    Haiti and the people are in my heart and mind every waking hour. It is so heart-wrenching.

  2. Your crows are neat.
    As Phyllis said about the log cabin, they "are getting ready for a barn raising.

  3. Your crow piece is looking great!