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Thursday, October 01, 2009

What a cool idea!

What am I talking about? Painting leaves....not painting leaves on something, I mean painting the actual leaf! Geninne has done just this! I have a leaf I could do this to too....
I have kept it for it's leathery look...on the fridge.
Onto other chipmunks....
and deer on the Pine Lake quilt. I am so glad to have it back on the wall. I liked the rocks quilts, but I really like this one better. You will notice I have turned the pine cone right side up also....on older pix you will see that I have it pointy side up, like having a horseshoe wrong on the wall, ya know?!


  1. I like the painted leaf idea. They are great. I really like this Pine Lake Quilt. Being an outdoor person, it transforms and takes me to the places I love best. What a treat.

  2. I do like the changes in your Pine Lake quilt. Good oh.