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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have Baby?

Yup....we have Rhiley today...these pix may have to be self explanatory!
Deck update.....the planks aren't screwed down yet. Doesn't stop us from having a chair out there!
The dirt spot at the bottom is the pad for the cement for the ramp, instead of stairs.
Smiley Rhiley! In daddy's arms. 5 weeks old now. Mommy went back to work this a.m.
The prairie trip tick [tic?] is now renamed Buffalo Sunrise, and it is done! The pic above shows the colors better than the rest. Shows off the yarn sashing too.
Above:I meant to crop of the picture behind....Below: painting Steph style, again.
She felt her sun needed re-doing....this is still in progress....
hummmmm.......well.....Steph had a baggie of paint from last summer. She opened it a couple of days ago and found it had dried...sort she got to playing with it.....I need to take another shot of the final version of this muscle group. [it's done on the plastic she had on the floor....for a cloth...]
Have I already posted this???? The full photo of Dad on the beach pinned to the fabric.
Megan, 4, was coloring when she was here Sunday. I found these later.
Way to Go Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The back of the Buffalo Sunrise, in case you wanna see it. Not all the batt has backing fabric over it....I just let it be....
Suppose this shot should be up with the painting....see those toes? they left little white spots all down the hallway....

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  1. Such a beautiful baby. Must be hard for her mom to go back to work. You are very busy these days with many projects going on. I like you hanging. How nice to progress on something. Anxious to see what you do with your dad project.