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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Answers for Comments

Comments are asked and not often I will try that today.

C: Must be hard for her mom to go back to work
A: I thought it would be, but Ashley seemed to do just fine! She was glad to get home to her babe, but she was also looking happy about being back at work. She works at a small neighborhood grocery store, has made friends with many of the customers, etc.

C: I love that photo of your dad. It will be fun to follow along and see what you do with this project. I am very curious about using photos and what techniques you will be using to incorporate all.
A: Thank you! I am going to try the printing today now that I have new printer ink!

C:Megan's hair cut is precious. She looks like an old fashioned little girl.
A: Thank You Christine! I love it too.

C: So sweet - what a lovely family - and the glasses - great!!!
A: thank you Jo, I thought the glasses were just what was called for.

C: WOW! They make purrrrdy children in Wash. Just gorgeous. Alexis
A: Blush

Ok. I think I am caught up....for the moment. Thank You everyone for leaving notes, I love chatting with you all.

Yesterday wasn't just all about Smiley Rhiley, I got some RIT dyeing in too. RIT? You said RIT dye??? Yup. RIT. I used it on towels and some old t-shirts. We have towels from long ago that are still very usable, just dull in color, so I brighten them up. Dan has some t-shirts now longer good for wearing to work, but good enough to turn into Muscle T's [hacked off sleeves] for yard work. I dyed them to make it easy to find them in the laundry.
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I mixed the yellows together. Still very bright. The blue was for the shirts. Worked very well on knit.

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