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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visiting your Grandmother dressed for Prom? Priceless!

I am trying something different for leaves for the butterfly block.  I saw this on another blog, of course, and decided I HAD to try it!  If I use this, I will cut the leaf out around the fabric it is on and applique the whole she-bang. Click the pic to get it up close and personal!

Who says you can't combine purple and yellow?  Not Mother Nature!
Found this amazing picture on this blog....
[<span class=IMG_3621.JPG]">

Stephanie has Prom tonight.  She let me help with her fingernails, press her dress and drive her to her friend's house in Port Orchard.  There she will get dressed up with the other 2 girls,  zoom to Gig Harbor to show themselves off to My Mother, then zoom back to Port Orchard to get the 'boys' to go get pix taken at the High School....then....dinner, prom, whatever. 

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