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Friday, May 29, 2009

Needlework and other News

My mom improves every day and after a bit of rehab time in a nursing home, she will hopefully come home. [there will be no tempting of fate around here thank you!]

I have been getting some needlework done in the evening. Here is the butterfly block in it's new setting.  The wild roses in front are made with cotton batt that I dyed.  Acts like felt.

I cut this one from the original fabric that  the butterfly was stitched onto, after cutting that fabric off the block.  This flower section is stitched on top of another piece of batt.  

The log cabin is still in progress.  I added felt for the roof, but am not really sure what it's supposed to being imitating.
This gray stuff is some wool I kinda felted, the divots in it are the stitches.
This side strip is from where I hacked it off the quilt it was part of.  I kept turning that seam over to see how it looked on the block....I think I need to keep it there....

Tonight...I have to make sure the prom dress is stitched up nicely at the halter-neck-strap, because it's too long as is.  Steph isn't even getting dressed here for prom, she is doing that at a friends house.  So I will have to wait for pix!

Next week is busy for Steph, final finals and such.  June 4 is the last day of school for the seniors, they go back the next am for grad. ceremony rehearsals, then they are kicked out of the school and told not to come back as they are no longer students there!!!!!


  1. I love the way the butterfly is coming out - quite clever.

  2. Such lovely projects. I like the way that you used the batting as a felted piece. It looks great. Glad you mom is doing better and your daughter Stephanie is winding down her high school years with such accomplishment and honors. You must be so very proud. This is such a special time.

  3. Your butterfly block is lovely! Aren't you brilliant!

  4. I'm glad there's a stove in that log cabin lol. I really like this. :D