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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

thrift store finds. scarf. big flower and fabric texture, the wrinkles are set in somehow.
Red scarf. Red. Red.
scarf. interesting design.
scarves. frolicking deer! green one...not sure what to do with that one.
dress.  homemade. the top fabric-lacy-battenburg-tablecloth-looking piece is what caught my eye.  threw it in the wash, think it shrank 3 sizes. don't care, got it for the lacy stuff.  anyone want some?  
Megan's curls.
Ashley, with less than 2 months to go.

Rat update.....I had to go out and pick it up and toss in trash can because NO ONE else would do it.  Megan came with me to 'help', but one whiff of the dead thing sent her off to the side!  She told me many times how gross it was.  How did I pick it up?  With my teeth, duh!

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