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Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Fabrics!

I got another variety of fabric scraps.  I am having fun with the ideas for all these.
I got plastic needles for the girlies, Megan for starters.  That big blue one is it....the stinkin' thing won't even let a macaroni pass over the eye!!  So I let Meg use that regular needle that comes with a sharp point, and she did just fine!  Not once did she poke herself. NOT ONCE!  Better record than I have.
Steph got this after her calculus exam...Nerd-dom Certificate!
oh don''s just more fabrics....
The girls gave me a paper cutter for moms day, so I made a bunch of straight cuts, woowho!, on pictures of blocks I have made for others.
Butterfly progress.
You should be able to click and enlarge the pix.
i put one of the new fabs under the crochet.
Neighbors cat, Boots at the bottom of our yard.  I love my camera too.


  1. Fun post - I like the fabrics - and that is a clever idea for attaching the butterfly - I would have used white thread to blend but I love the contrast.

  2. I love the new look of your blog!!! That hummingbird picture is great, congratulations on snapping some good ones and the colors on this block are right up my alley. I like that you place the pink fabric underneath the crochet of the butterfly -- i think it really helps to display the beauty of the crochet. xo Susan

  3. I love your collaged piece with the butterfly. All the stitching is wonderful and how nice to see it up close. I am not sure how you did that, but it is a great tool to use.