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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beach and cameras

My daughter Ashley and her SO, DannyMan, went to the WA coast to the beach recently to get a good whiff of salty sea air.  This is Pacific Beach, also the name of our favorite campground. You can just barely see an RV peaking above the grass....that's where the camp is...and campfires are done on the beach itself.  And kite flying as you can see.
Seagull skimming
Seagull begging
camera posing.....what????
Mendofleur asked what camera I use.  This one.  I got it at Target a couple of years ago.  It has a 'flower' setting so I can zomm in...but doesn't help with spelling worth a spit...I tried the regular soom for...more typos...

ZOOM, regular, for the hummingbird, and got a blurry blob of bird, and great clear background.  When I put the 'flower' setting on, I got the bird in perfect focus!!!!!!!  And caught him/her blinking!!!!  I have 2 birds, that I know of, and still not sure which is boy and which is girl.

{normally I use spell check, but today I thought I would treat you to typos}

And I am glad you like the new look of my blog, I got tired of that skinny strip done the center...

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  1. Thank you for this information. Such great photos. I love the seagull and the clarity of this shot. My camera has this setting as well, but whenever I use it the photos tend to come up grainy and often blurred. I need to sit down and figure this out. The camera is only 6 mos. old. I need to study and read the directions, not my favorite thing to do.