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Friday, March 13, 2009

StoryBook Quilt

I mentioned this yesterday, I think.  A quilt made up of scenes/parts of a storybook.  The first quilt was part of a NestingRoundRobin, (i.e., do it at home on your own, don't send it out to others to work on, and the hostess picked the books.)  This one has different stories from the first, and they are stories that were read to the recipients when they were children. You should be able to guess 2 of the stories with out enlarging the picture....

The big cat, Wuggie Norple, is the orange stripe fabric I will hand applique.
Noddy is the picture on the right, not sure how I want to do him.
Max is printed on fabric.
Old Hat, New Hat will be applique also.
Harold is painted on the fabric that will be app'ed to the bg. He is an addition from my childhood, and his purple crayon will be used to spell out words and such on the quilt. {my "purple crayon" is  embroidery thread}

In the middle of the quilt is a couch with a boy climbing over to read with grandma, but now I need to add another little boy. This one is for my niece, her 2 sons, and her mum who is gray haired, like me. 

I also need to add another little girl to the quilt I  made for Megan, because she now has sister Lily!


  1. So creative - can't wait to see the finsihed product.

  2. Love love LOVE this idea! And purple thread for purple crayon is just the thing!