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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fly Dragon, Fly

This little dragon broke away from it's parent to fly free on it's own.  So ends the Saga Of YamDragon.

Seriously, the sprouting yam/sweet spud is losing it's appeal.  It's beginning to look like Vicky had something to do with it's livelihood.

I have been working on several projects, but no good photo ops for any of them at the moment.  The crochet pattern I was trying I kept messing up on, so I am re-winging that. I re-started another StoryBook quilt and making progress on that......I'll find the pix and post more on that. My Hoffman Challenge challenge is underneath the StoryBook quilt-workings, at the moment.  

Stephanie has been home with yet another aliment, including a white spot on her tonsil.  Megan had a tonsil moment,too, this last weekend.  She wasn't sick, she was just housing a golf ball in her throat. 

for good news~  Danny got to feel the baby move!! Ashley {and I} have been waiting for this, wanting so much for him to feel his daughter kicking.

And....the Sun has been shining for a few days now....and the days have been nice and LONGGGGGGGGGGG.  This is when I wake up smell the sunshine!

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