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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Windows!

Dan and Ben went to Bremerton and got the new windows for my corner!!  This is a picture I found online to show a picture. They won't match the rest of the house, since we have grids in the others, but they won't show from the front, so that's ok.  I guess they were in the area of Habitat For Humanity's ReStore, because they went there too and found a wall oven/ microwave combo for Ben.  We all hope it works!  The price, 65$, was certainly right. Wish we could have gotten the windows there.

I had Megan here to entertain me, so no sewing done yesterday, but I did get some crocheting done on the briteblanket.  The yellow, pink and orange piece I showed you a few days ago. And Megan got to mess with fabric squares; I got her a 'charm pack' off ebay. I hope to sew them together for a doll quilt....but we shall see.

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