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Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Blogland to You

Click on this link to get an amazing view of Barack Obamas inauguration!

You can zoom in on the picture, move around the area, etc.  I found this in blogland of course.  Tommy The Material Girl had the link from her blog.  I got to there by clicking on a link from this page, about a Gas Station covered in Quilts....I kid you not!  I found this link on Luana's blog, you know, the eQuilter website of amazing fabrics.

Yesterday, March 21st, was National Quilting Day, which I haven't found a fun link for yet.  Anyway, did you quilt yesterday? Not I said the fluffy older lady. I don't think I have managed to get any quilting done on this particular day, ever.  I hope I am wrong, but....I did do ONE quilt related thing, I checked the Google Main Page to see if Google had quilted their logo for the day.  Alas, no they did not. Did you see it few days ago...the Very Hungry Caterpillar was working his way through the letters, and Eric Carle did it himself for Goog!  {the link is for his museum!!}  Way cool!

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