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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still Sick

The cold I had last week took a u-turn and slammed back into my chest.  Damn.  I did get to meet my new doctor today, I think I will like him.  He wants me to take antibiotics, not so much because I have a raging infection in my chest, as he wants to avoid that possibility because of my asthma.  Damn.

The picture?  Oh that's something I found on Google, a Sunny Day In Ireland.  Why? Because I know that's why you come here, for my pix.
The picture I did want to post is a painting you can find here...scroll down the page to the Sunny Day.  Sun is good.


  1. Awww too bad about still being sick - I wish you well - and sunshine!!!

  2. You crack me up! You just need some of that sunshine vitamin kiddo!

    I like your idea of having a flap with the award ribbon peaking out from underneath. I wasn't planning on having a flap but now you've got me thinkin'...