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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad Math Skills Steph, my left-brain-math-resident, pointed out that I have like 900 visits to get to 10,000.  I guess I can say it's official, my left brain has turned to mush.  Now that I have admitted that, I find that I can live with this, especially since I want to make some gifts for my visitors here. So speak up peoples, so I can figure out how many gifts to create!  I fixed the 'comment' section so anonymous  can leave a comment, but please tell me your name!


  1. 900 visitors to go? A mere nothing.

    Party favors. Hmmm. Something people can print out? There's the party hat, of course. Bookmarks? Foldable paper candy?

  2. Redwork patterns to print out - those are fun party favors in my mind.

  3. Count me in!

    I read as often as you post, lol. (Gotta love those readers!)

    And since you're giving stuff away...I'll take a day off of work, a maid, a chauffer, and a personnal grocery shopper. 8^) (or a FQ of your most beloved)

  4. QF...I am not sure my 'most beloved' would want me to hack a FQ off him.....not that he would miss it.....

    Thank you for responding everyone!

  5. I'm enjoying your blog -- but I can't find a spot to "follow" it.

  6. Cat...sweet you wanna follow my blog...I will go set it up!