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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing Leaves

Now that could be a real cliffhanger...."Sewing Leaves...."  What? 
seams?  stitches?  you are making leaves?
In a way I am making leaves.  I have started calling this quilt "Leaves" because it's's a 'leaf' print.  The first pic shows how uneven the edges are after a couple of cutting-sewing-cutting-sewing again-- steps.
Now this 2nd pic may be easier to see enlarged, so click-view-come back.  The bottom area is the kaleidoscope part I had on my design wall for ages. the blue-turquoise-y batik will be between the first 'border' addition and the kalid-y block area. Still with me?
Here is a full shot of the 1st border area on it's own.  [sorry about the flash messing up the colors]  I am going to applique, by machine probably, both sides to the blue batik, in points from the kalid-y side and in sq's from the 1st border area.  I should probably not confuse you, or myself, with words and just do it so I can show you pix!

I have also been crocheting.


  1. I clicked, I viewed, I came back. I love the kaleidoscope part - and the leaf sections look like confetti. Really amazing quilt.

  2. I'll be waiting for the BIG picture. It looks fascinating, but I don't get it yet.

    And thanks for the close up view of Mrs. Obama's dress.

  3. This is going to be fantastic!