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Friday, January 30, 2009

"Leaves" progress

If you click the pix, you will see how I top stitched the edges down by machine vs. by hand.  The second picture will show you the whole top so far...Still not really clear what I am doing, but it is progress.

I dug out this picture and thought I would photo the label before it turns to dust. Click to enlarge for easy reading. Evelyn was my paternal grandmother.
and this is the picture Aunt Rose painted, with me reflected in the glass. Not a very good photo, I might add. Aunt Rose lived with my grandmother downstairs in the "mother-in-law apt". I don't remember my grandmother, but I do remember Aunt Rose and her dog Sadie.
Of course I had to Google Spirit Lake....
Postcard???  Circa 1910, same date as the painting, so this is how things looked that summer.
And from the air, as it looks today.
Hats? Baskets? WTF???   Cupcakes, Cupcake Ornaments. WIP. Cutting mat and flower pin for size reference.


  1. I am trying to top stitch edges down by machine today. I've never done it before. What stitch did you use? I have a Janome Jem.
    I tried to click on your picture to enlarge it to see the stitches, but it did not get bigger.

  2. Ok, I figured out how come you aren't seeing the enlarged pix....but in the meantime you can go to flickr to see them....

  3. Nice blog - lots of different things to think about. Maybe there is some way to save that label - it is nice to have it - along with the painting.

    Love the tiny cupcakes too.

  4. great stuff. love the cupcakes! What are they for?