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Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent ~ Day 8 & Pay It Forward

In keeping with the "make it yourself from easy items" are painted sticks.  Painted up in "holiday colors", whatever your holiday is, and maybe some shiny metallic paint, string some lights around a vase.....find bent sticks and hang ornaments from the top....

Pay It Forward....I got to play Santa today, out of the blue,  for the Girl Next Door .  {We had ordered a pair of boots for Steph that didn't fit her foot right, and of course didn't get them returned in time.}  I happened to be outside dealing with barking dogs, and the neighbors were out dealing with Christmas lights.  The bulbs in my head were lighting up too, so I asked the Girl Next Door her shoe size, said I had a pair of boot she could try. She dropped the lights and ran right over, sat down on the MoonRock {pix are deep in the archives} and tried on one like it was made for her!  So, as I see it, I was not meant to return the boots, because they were Made For Walkin' next door.

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