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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Wow, this last month has been full of milestones for my family, not to mention the rest of the country....O Yes We Can!!!!!!!!!!!!
My youngest turned 18 {milestone 1} in Oct. so she got to vote for the first time {milestone 2} yesterday.  She was so excited to get the chance to vote for change! O Yes We Can {milestone 3}

Our middle daughter turned 21 a few days ago {milestone 4} and was excited about voting too!  She called us last night to make sure we were watching the news, O Yes We Were!

Our oldest  finished schooling for his new job. And our unofficial-son-in-law finished the Caregiver class he was taking, so both guys are starting new adventures, O Yes You Can! {milestones 5 & 6}

I am still working on the crocheted rug....remember that huge football of frogged yarn?  That has been greatly reduced in size, in fact I am almost back to the place I was before pulling it all out.  This time it lies flat, whew!

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  1. OH yes it does - congrats on all the milestones and the flat rug!