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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Days of Yarn and Rain

I got these 2 yarns for 2 different projects....I think I have WAYYYY to much of the Tangerine Mist......and maybe not enough of the Purple Mist. Love those names.

Rain.  We had lots.  Pineapple Express lots. Filled the pond. Won't last, the pond has a leak.
Look at the yellow of this tree!  It has ginkgo shaped leaves, but can't truly say it is a ginkgo.  I only know for sure it's not a pine. [if you gaze carefully at this pic, you will see the camera reflected in the glass.]
I found a leaf from this tree.  I feels like leather.  Looks like leather too.
Leaves all gone.  I love the shape of this tree.  It's a joy to look at in any season!  Kinda shows up the Sponge Bob flag though....
I have family coming I have to go pretend to do some housework.  Why pretend? Because it doesn't stay DONE, so I know it's only my imagination that I have done it.

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