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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Am Sick

The grandgirlies were exposed to some nasty ass bug, and in turn exposed the rest of us to it.  Not their fault.  But it sure makes me wonder why germs can be pretty beatable one moment, and unbeatable the next.  This is the snotty kind of germ as opposed to the barfy kind of germ that is running [no pun intended] through the nursing home my common-law-son-in-law works in.  He was told that if he got it, and was sick while at work, they would keep him there to prevent him spreading it[?].  Works for me.

On other fronts at home, we are getting a new stove.  Why? Because Sears is having a sale.  No good enough for you?  How 'bout if I told you our current stove has had a short in it once and Dan is afraid it will happen again, will that make you happy?  This is the stove we brought from the other house [we won't talk about the one that "came" with this house...shudder] and if you have been hanging around here very long, it's the stove that had the mouse-house in the insulation around the stove. Gross. Yuck. Stink. We replaced the insulation before moving, I was not taking that with us!  But since then it has gained a bad rep in the electrical dept. 

Gotta love a sale. Pix when we get it.


  1. Feel better soon! Enjoy some naps, and don't try to get anything done! Dr's orders.

  2. Yeah, feel better soon.
    What are going to cook first on your new stove. Chicken soup might be good:)

  3. QF--naps are on the top of the list!! As for getting things done...I am getting so far behind I am going to meet myself on the next go round...not a bad idea though.

    Sheri--Cook? On the new stove? I am going to string caution tape across it.....booby trap it....cover it in clear vinyl like it's a couch.....use it? no no no