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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Getting Tricked out was a Treat

The kids came by last night to show us the girlies in their costumes....then we added to  them....I laughed so hard my throat hurt!

Today is Ashley's 21st Birthday!!!!!   HB HB [happy birthday hun bun]

I had a trick or treater knock on the door at 11:30 last night...WTF...he was wearing a ski mask to boot...WTF x2.....said he was getting treats for his nephew....The only reason I answered the door was cuz I thought it was Dan wanting in the front door. {he has set up the garage so he has a space to hang out with his stereo and stuff}   He couldn't have been too weird, because he quickly went back to latch the gate when the dogs got out the door.  I still watched him thru the window when he left.  And yes, I gave him a bunch of candy.