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Friday, October 31, 2008

I saw my neighbors last night and found out that R-W, the boy next door,who is all of 6 years of age, didn't want a costume this year, so he gets to wear a shirt like this one.  And he is going to add an Ace bandage.....
View from my front window.  Look fast or you miss the leaves!
Abby stretched out for me to show the ball of frogged yarn to it's mostest.  The crochet hook didn't seem to show up very well....
I am trying to make a rug, but I didn't increase enough in this green section, made the whole thing look more like a sombrero. Pull it out, Vicky and try try again.

 There are 2 strands of yarn being worked in this, so that accounts for the huge-ness of the football.

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