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Friday, October 03, 2008

Reading, Painting, and Fabric

I live on the cusp of 2 library systems, lucky me, and here is how we use one of them....except....this is the new one.  Her name is Violet!  
Look at the natural lighting!  Sweet.
And speaking of sweet....I finally got around to painting the glass portion of our bathroom doors.  I wasn't able to cover them satisfactorily, so I finally bit my knuckle and painted the glass.  We didn't care for see-thru bathroom doors and there are 2 of them!!  the pink goes with the lighter pink bedroom walls but opens into the green bathroom.
This is a paper towel holder.  No Shit, you say?  But I bet you didn't know it was made for me by my brother about 30 years ago!!!!  Notice the pink flowers??  Goes nicely with the doors.
And finally...fabric.  How I wash my fabric.  I have tried the many ways of pre-washing fabric that others happily share with newbies, but this is the best way yet, IMHO.  Stuff the fabric in a clothes washing net bag, throw it in the machines, wash and dry*, and there you have a wrinkly mess of fabric, without as many balls of threads from the raw edges.

*I suppose you could throw it in the dryer then the washer if you wanted.

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