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Friday, September 26, 2008


I had the grandgirlies yesterday, and Megan asked me to tell her a story about an alligator. So I thought for about 3 seconds, and dove in.  

"Mama Alligator lived in a swamp with Jr. alligator and Baby alligator.  Daddy alligator was turned into a purse.

One day Mama alligator decided she didn't like the swamp they lived in....blah blah

Soon Mama alligator came to a black line with big things zooming real fast on it.  So she roared. That stopped the zooming things.  Mama alligator started off across the black line.....blah blah

On the other side of the black line there was green grass.  Mama alligator thought this was rather nice, so she kept going.  Suddenly, a white round thing feel out of the sky and landed on Jr.'s tail.  He cried because it hurt.  Mama was puzzled because eggs aren't supposed to fall from the sky.  And what were those beings standing on their hind legs, swinging sticks at her for??

Mama alligator kissed Jr.s' tail, and moved on.  Soon she came to a pool of water. 'This is more like it' Mama thought, so she slipped into the water. But it didn't take her long to swam to the other side.  'Small pond' Mama thought.

Not long after, another white egg fell from the sky and landed in the pond.  

Mama alligator decided it was time to leave this pond...blah blah

When the zooming things stopped, they crossed the road and crawled back into the swamp on the other side. 'Now this is more like it' Mama alligator thought happily.

Moral of the story....the grass is always greener on the golf course."

about 15 minutes later Megan asked me "How come Daddy Alligator was turned into a purse?"

Oi Vey!


  1. About 15 minutes later.....
    That is so funny. What did you tell her about Daddy Alligator?

  2. I kind of quickly mentioned that he got hit by a car and....didn't need to really say more because Megan had moved onto another interest...whew!

    I just thought it was so funny she remembered that part, because I kind of passed quickly over that part of the story, knowing she would ask about a daddy alligator if I didn't add him.