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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Check. Check. Check.

Yesterday was the kind of day where many things could have been checked off a list. If I had had them all written down.

1. Stephanie. 1st day high school, senior year. CHECK [she's my youngest]

2. Ben. Call from State about job. GOT IT!! CHECK [he's my oldest, Megan & Lily are his]

3. Finish floors in living/dining rooms. CHECK

4. Megan, potty train. CHECK

These are all big things, for example, it took me 17 years to get Steph to this day.

Ben applied for the job with the state...what?...a couple of months ago??? [this one comes with benefits, etc!]

We didn't have the carpet re-installed when we had the house put here, but didn't get the laminate flooring, either, until now. It is sooooooooo nice to have the sub-floor covered up!

As for Megan. Well. She was stubborn about giving up the diapers. After all the usual bribes, rewards, etc., I think we can safely say she is trained after what happened yesterday. From outside, she suddenly came charging though the house, yelling, "gotta go potty". She ran to the bathroom, darn near leaped on the toilet, peed, wiped, and ran back outside. Yeah, she's got it. [nothing on but shirt and shoes, easy livin']

In between all that excitement, Ashley, our middle child, has started a new job too, she leaves Target on Monday. Her bf, Danny, started a new job too, working at a nursing home, he likes caregiving!! Kacie, Ben's wife, has gone back to work part time. And baby Lily is now up to 10 pounds. The kids have had to change her diet several times, so Lily is still on the skinny side. She looks great though, and is doing all the things a baby should at this stage.