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Saturday, August 30, 2008


My camera went camping last weekend and these are the pictures it took.
Megan was soooooooo tired, she fell asleep eating. [rainboots over footed jammies are the only way to go for kids while camping]

This Beaver was found in Beaver WA. The boys head is Jordan's, friend of Megan.
And the final picture. A car. That's it? you ask. No, I answer, there are about 40 pix of this car. I think the camera was set on "multi pix with one clicx".

How am I doing? I got some quilty stuff done last weekend since ChildAtHomeForSummer was camping with the camera and her brother and his friendz. But I can't show off the quilty thing yet, or even talk about it, it's a surprise for someone. We have made progress in the flooring! I will add that next blogging session.

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