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Saturday, June 07, 2008


I got thru exam week almost intact.

Yes, Stephanie was the test taker, but I, I am The Mom. I am the one who can dodge a flying pencil, encourage a testy test taker, leap tall brain cells in a single bound......

The college level pre calculus-taken in high school- exam was "Horrible"

"There wasn't a thing on the test that I had studied for"

"Even though the teacher had made up a study guide from past years' exams, to give us an idea of what might be on this years...NONE OF IT WAS ON THE TEST"

The SAT exam was today. When I picked Stephanie up, she mentioned...

"My head is pounding"

"There were 10 sections, all timed"

"It wasn't hard, just draining"

This next week is the final week of school for our district. The seniors graduated on Friday. They are NOT allowed back into the school buildings, on the school grounds, no where near the place. "You are done here, go away". This means that the remaining 2/3rds of the student body will be able to move through the halls with ease. Stephanie has 2 more exams this week, she is not worried about either one, so I shall not be either!

Maybe now I can get back to my embroidery????


  1. No doubt, Steph, you will be brilliant!! To which colleges are you applying? Alexis

  2. Stephanie has U. of WA on her list...that's it...U-DUB. But that could change, of course.