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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

#2 of 100 Details

Buttonhole wheel stitch and the detached chain stitch.

Stephanie, who is in 11th grade still, has actually spent 3 days studying for a Pre-Calculus Exam today. She doesn't usually devote so much time to one subject, but this time the results may be in college credits, not just high school credit. She was pretty snippy last night, it was better for me to stay under my rock, and if anyone else had been home...wellllll....find your own rock!

She did take time out to mention next years schedule...These are whole year classes.

AP Calculus [advanced placement]
AP Gov
CP English [college prep]
CHS Spanish [i may have that written wrong, i know it would be her 5th year]
AP Art or Ceramics tech [the ceramics tech class is kind of a do your own thing class, but would give her the creative outlet she needs.]

I finished the painting of the walls in the bedroom for my mom, now to do some trim work, and most importantly, AIR THE ROOM OUT. The Valspar paint seems to be smellier than the Glidden we were using. I will take a picture of it when the sun comes out.....


  1. The embroidery is stunning!

    College credit...not too shabby!!

  2. Hey R. How ya doin'? Actually you don't need to answer that, I read your are up to your butt cheeks in yarn, as usual!

  3. PS...Last night, Stephanie showed me her notes for the test today....I recoginzed the Pi symbol...and admired her handwriting...not bad for a sieve-for-brains mom!

  4. Those AP classes really add up. They helped my daughter graduate in three rather than four years.
    I'm LUVIN' your embroidery! Alexis
    ps good luck, Steph and keep up the good work!!

  5. Seems Steph is in line for lots o'homework, but I guess that's old news. She'll only take on what she can handle, she'll do fine.

    Love your rocky piece, looks fun.

  6. Just found your blog. Love your stitching, it will be good to watch that develop. I feel for you and Steph; I have a daughter doing Year 12 at the moment (half way through), so her stress level is very high.