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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Color Class

I am taking an online class from Judy Coates Perez, on Color Theory. I know about color, I love color, but I don't know the little ins and outs of color. I also want to make more of this aqua/turquoise-y color. I love this color.
I needed more ideas for my embroidery thing. So I Googled beachy things. I drew some pictures. My kelp looks like a carrot with straighted 'leaves' horseshoe crab looks like a dust pan. Hopefully I can do better with the needle than I did with the pen.
Found this WIP. Need to get Steph to finish it....something to do while she wants for her departure date.
I kept this page in my sketch pad. I did this while on drugs...pain drugs...after hernia surgery a few years ago.
The yellow words were cut should read "9:30 Miller Time".....I got the journal to do while I was pain, recovering from the surgery. I really like the idea
of journaling, but am not 'good' at it.


  1. I've been reading your blog, and now come to find out, you are in the color theory class too. :o) "small world".

  2. So how is your color going???

    This small world of ours always amazes me!