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Thursday, June 12, 2008

100 Details 5

I did it!! The Bullion Knot, the starfish shapes, one I haven't been able to do before. I got a good tip from a couple of ladies in this group at StitchinFingers....Use a milliners needle because of the uniform shape of the needle[doesn't get finer as it nears the tip]. I didn't have one, so I used a fatter needle and stayed away from the tip of it as I would the thread onto it.
The other stitch is a Fly Stitch. I tired to make it look seaweedy.


  1. I tryed these bullion knots today...I couldn't get them.

  2. Amy I may never get them again either, but....try using a large needle. I used a crewel needle that is fatter, and I am sure that helped me. Pull the thread slowly thru the looped parts and try not to be distracted by the TV, kids, ice floes....then you will still probably have to 'fix' the loop at the tip of the needle, after it's gone thru the hoops, it overlapped the others, wasn't playing well at all.

  3. I LOVE the seaweed, even if you were "tired", it didn't show...*snerk*.

    Do you have any batting on the back while stitching? Are you using a hoop? Inquiring minds, etc.

    Love your project!

  4. batting yet. Yes, am using a hoop, where I can. The beads can get in the way, but I don't want to add the beads later, I want to do them now!