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Sunday, May 04, 2008

This and That

this is a leopard that Stephanie drew/pastel colored way back in 6th grade [in 11th now] and I am finally getting to it as far as a frame is concerned.
This is a piece of fabric a friend picked out to go with the leopard, sight unseen. Amazing, huh? The dino applique patches will go to said friend if she wants them.

I need to put this list where I can see it....All WIPS....

1. Paint Ashley's room for my mom [she moves in in June]
1.1. have primer
1.2. have room almost empty
1.3. Get the paint to go over the primer, not sure what colors, maybe creamy yellow and a blue.
2. Find a place for Meg's toys. DONE
3. Find a place for....more things than I care to write down.
4. Finish painting our bathroom.
4.1. Need more yellow to add to the green, the original paint is too dark for me. Ben has yellow I can use, and a can of white, so I think I am covered there. STILL working on this 5-10-08
5. Vac the floors. Snort.

On the creative side of the coin....
1. Start wallie for my grand-nephew, C. Decided to use story ideas that S & L would read to him. [brother and SIL] This is going to be like the Storybook wallie.
2. Start embroidery trout.
2.1. Have thread.
2.2. Have design.
2.3. Have fabric picked out.
3. Am trying to make a bg for a pastel drawing that Steph did in 6th grade. I want to frame it, a leopard, but it needs something behind it and am avoiding a paper mat. May have this covered by above said friend.
3.1. Work on the painted canvas I am trying for this.
4. Finish crochet 'rug' for dollhouse, small easy handwork, no brainer project. Done
5. Finish up other rug idea. Still a WIP Needs more fabric to make larger
5.1. I cut an old pair of pink SMALL wale cord jammies into strips, by going around and around and around the legs up to the crotch.
5.2. Crocheted the strips into a 'braid' looking length of fuzziness.
5.3. Am stitching the braid into an oval, by hand, more no brainer work.

6. Work on coffee wallie, that is currently a WIP.

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