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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Starting soon

On June 1, actually, is the starting date for 100 Details in 100 Days, over at stitchin fingers. It's all about embroidery stitches. I love this fabric, but it's not an easy one to add to a quilt, as is that is....So I am thinking of embellishing it with embroidery.....thinking is the key word here, as I am not sure what stitches will work with it, if at all. There is the challenge!
This is my other idea for a base for the stitches. I don't remember who designed this one, but I love it too. It's not an upholstery fabric, tho it looks like one. [i left the mouse and keyboard in for size reference] Of course I also have plenty of other fabric to stitch on is either of these is not right. I could do a sampler, or a 'stitch' book, but I could always print up each days stitch also.

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