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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ByOHazard---revisited & renamed

I decided this needed a new spelling for the title of the quilt. I won't tell you were I was when I thought of it.

anywhooo ...I was in the middle of posting this earlier, when my DIL showed up....I had TOTALLY forgotten I was watching Megan this afternoon....Looks like glow in the dark beads on that frog.....kinda goes with the theme here. Under him is a rock, one of the polished kind you find at souvenir shops.
A close up of the spider...can you see the threads attached to her rear and a foot?
Some fringe. I couched a necklace onto the quilt too, complete with clasp. Stephanie thinks this is too much....hummmmm....

The surfer is for my brother and the woman is for my SIL who is all w-OOOO-m-a-n. ¯¯Have to have beans to go into the coffee filter....


  1. So, can you explain the title? Why Bio(BYO)hazard? And what could possibly be hazardous about sweet, sweet coffee?

    Did I miss... is this a gift for your brother and SIL? Are they big cofee fans? DO they live near a nuclear plant? ;o)

  2. Guess I could have explained a bit more, but ya know...The biohazard idea came about when Steph and I were playing with the filters on the fabric, the shape naturally came up. Some could consider that coffee is hazardous to our bio, though I am not one of them considerers. Yes, it is going to my brother and sil in Canada, tho I don't know if there is a nuke plant near them, I do know they love coffee too, the fresher the better.

    Besides, you know me, I love to make a play on words!