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Saturday, May 24, 2008


This picture is from Amazon, of course, but it's from a book titled Russell the Rob Scotton, think I may need to get this one! If only to frame the pix!
A taste of coffee....something I am working on besides painting and crochet-sewing dumpy pink rugs that don't wanna to do anything but turn into a bowl.....I have mentioned it, scroll down to find, or not.
i am using the whole fat qt. of this fabric, which i love, but it's rather...well...interesting.
A frog. Beaded. On a rock. Polished.
A box. It held oranges, but with my buzzing mind these days, I picture this as a frame if I add a 'floor' between the holes, they could be windows for little girls to have animals look out of...

*Slurfing.....while trying to think of a cleaver word for 'surfing thru blogs' I stumbled on my tongue and came up with this one. It was while slurfing that I came across Russell the Sheep!

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  1. I love it! I think it's such a fascinating image, and it makes such a statement to see it crafted! You make beautiful quilts, by the way. :)