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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shopping at Lowes

For paint. For exterior light fixtures. For a double switch plate. And other stuff.

Paint. Stephanie and I zipped through this section. We love color. And I am pleased to say that she has my eye for it. She picked the green card [right] and said the one in the middle is our house color. I just checked, and damn if she isn't correct!! We got the creamy one for the trim that hasn't been done yet. Valspar- Amber Waves. We also picked 2 colors for the room for my mom. Valspar again- Peachy Confection and Fragrant Orchid --think strawberry yogurt for that one, not blackberry.

What are all the other color cards for? Future project, maybe. Besides, Steph is thinking of changing the blue part of her walls, and was looking at oranges, and I would love to have a plum colored front door, but not sure if painting over the steel is a good thing...

Exterior light fixtures. I didn't get the one I wanted. nuff said. But karma rewarded me, as Dan was trying to size a CFL bulb in the fixture THEY picked, it broke. [has an enclosed-in-glass-bulb-area] I will let him deal with that one.

All the other stuff was for helping with the painting, etc. May even get moms room painted before she moves in...snort!

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