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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more family and fabric

Moving pictures around in blogger has become a bear, so these are mixed up, sorry. I was given 2 yards of fabric to go with this leopard, to frame it. [Art by Steph long ago]
Fabric #2
Ben figures this is as close to having a boy as he will get, his cousins son.Mom was trying to get Megan to look at the camera.....
Kacie and Lily Mae, our #2 grandbabe-to-be. As soon as Kacie comes around me, Lily quits kicking, so either I am a calming influence, or the kid won't listen to me at all!
My mother and her great-grandson. Reading is a favorite thing in our families.the leopard on the 2 fabrics, with the stripes going the other way. So which way should it go?

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