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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flowers Family Fabric

This Gerbera Daisy was at the grocery store. Ashley said "Yuck" to this one because of the flower' growth pattern, so of course I had to give it a home! Don't tell the garden police, but this might not be a good home for it....
at least until my mother moves in, she is better with plants.
Family. My oldest, on the phone, my brothers oldest, cooking, and the youngest of the babes, holding up his arms to mama. We all got together to [1] visit, since my niece had come down from Vancouver Island. [2] celebrate my moms 87th birthday. [3] to send some stuff home with niece since we are downsizing my moms things.
For now, this is the fabric to see. I made this wallie quite a while ago, and finally sent it to the person it was meant for! It was not supposed to wait so long, but all sorts of things prevented it from sailing away.....ok, so I kept forgetting it when I went to the post office.
Those are Barbie shoes in this corner, seashells, buttons, charms, and wine bottle [dollar section at Target, glass marker thingie for parties] all on a 'beach towel'.


  1. Oh my gosh, that wallie is adorable! Reminds me of Manhattan Beach! Alexis

  2. Yeah, can't you just smell the salty air?