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Saturday, April 05, 2008


This is a t-shirt my brother and fam brought back from...well...Costa Rica a few years ago. The Mola is handmade, but the writing and design around the outside is in a rubberie kinda stuff. The last shot is from the back, I cut into the shirt on the inside to get a look at the stitching.
This is for Dorothy.


  1. Thanks for showing that, Vicky, especially the back. What a treasure.

    As I understand it, a true Mola is the creation of the Cuna women who are native to the San Blas islands of Panama. Costa Rica is right next to Panama, so I'm not surprised to see them "borrow" the art for touristy stuff. I believe it's the Cuna handwork that makes a true mola no matter where it's made or bought.

    So I could make my own, but it wouldn't be a *real* mola. But it'd be real to me, right?

  2. Considering what all is involved in making a 'real' Mola, heck yes it would be 'real'.