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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Question about fish

Christine asked "Very nice, but where are the fish?" Too funny. Actually they are hiding in the drawer so Megan doesn't play with them....who would have thought that some flat quilted fish would be fun to play with???? I will get them out and 'hang' them too....after I get Dan to put up the stick I want to hang the quilt from. I want it to be like a curtain rod so I can change the quilts now and then, which I could do with thumb tacks, but I have this great stick we brought home from a road trip.

gee....guess this quilt isn't as done as i thought.


  1. Why not hang the quilt on a fishing pole? 8^P

  2. That would be good! But I don't even have a bamboo stick to fake it....just my plain ole stick stick that Dan stripped the bark off of one road trip.