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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Sewing Chair

I was looking at my sewing chair, thinking about how boring-ugly the back is [the green blurr are the words Boring Chair Back, in this picture] I look at this every day from my bed, since my sewing room is in my bedroom. I decided to change it.So I got out the 2 pieces of arty quilted wallie I have been mulling over for months. I was going to send this to my brother and SIL, but am not sure they like it, and if they do, I can just pull it off the chair and mail it to them. I have used good old saftey pins in the grommets and at the top to hold it on. [it's a little big for the chair back] There are some great beads on it, it's reversible, I love the batiks in it. I can add more of everything to it....
Looking down on the poor fit. After seeing Judy Perez's blog today and her fantastic painted apron, I decided this wasn't as bazaar an idea after all. I love Judy's work, go look at it!

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